Copy of The Hive Scent Collection - Disc Mixed Scent Bundle (FAIRE)


Mixed case pack of toys includes 20 total units:

  • units Sweet Mango Disc
  • 4 units Wild Berry Disc
  • 4 units Tropical Coconut Disc
  • 4 units Soothing Vanilla Disc
  • 4 units Calming Lavender Disc

Our scented Hive Discs will be your dog’s new favorite fliers! Made in the USA, the Hive Disc’s superb glide makes it perfect for dogs who love retrieving games. Its flexible material is gentle on dogs’ teeth and gums. The Disc's bright color makes it easy for you and your dog to find indoors and outdoors. And if your pup loves the water, the Hive Disc floats for refreshing games of fetch in the lake or pool!

Flip it over! The back of the Hive Disc is a soothing lick mat. Apply a spreadable treat (like peanut butter, cheese, or yogurt) to the textured honeycomb pattern to help relieve anxiety and calm your dog. 

Dogs’ highly developed sense of smell plays a major role in their well-being, and providing dogs with scented toys fulfills a key enrichment need. The Soothing Lavender scent can further engage your dog during play or cuddle time.

- Multifunctional flying disc and lick mat; may also be used as a shallow water bowl
- Made in the USA
- Floats in water
- Scents that further enrich dog’s experience
- Non-toxic, BPA-free, latex-free, phthalates-free, and FDA-compliant
- Top-rack dishwasher safe (scent will not dissipate)
- 100% recyclable material (#7)
- Flexible material is gentle on dogs’ teeth and gums
- Disc dimensions: 9 ½” diameter x 1 ½” tall
- Disc weight: 7.7 ounces

All aromas in the Hive Scent Collection are inspired by plants that feed and need bees for pollination. Try them all—which one will be your dog’s favorite?