Project Hive Pet Company was created to use business as a force for good. In every aspect of our business, we intentionally determine what’s best for people, pets, and our planet.

Our mission is to save the bees.

Healthy bee populations are vital to a healthy planet. Our love of dogs and concern for our future has motivated us to take action. Every purchase of Project Hive Pet Company’s products helps to save bees by planting wildflowers—restoring vital pollinator habitat to nourish and sustain the bees. 

Meet our Founders.

Jim Schifman and Melissa Rappaport Schifman—a husband and wife team—each have threads of sustainable business experience weaving back over two decades. 

We are committed to sustainability.

Formed as a Public Benefit Company and now B Corp Certified, we are committed to making our impact as positive as possible—on our customers, our employees, and on our planet.

Our Give Back

1% of your purchase helps establish healthy bee habitat by planting wildflowers.