Our Commitment

We recognize that for our business to truly have a positive impact on bee populations, our products must be sustainably produced as well. But let’s get one thing straight: there is no such thing as truly “sustainable” products or organizations; they are only more or less sustainable compared to the alternative.

Everything we do—from manufacturing to distributing to disposal—has an impact. Project Hive Pet Company is committed to making that impact be as positive as possible—on our customers, our employees, and on our planet.

As a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, we are a part of a growing group of pet companies that empowers you to make an impact with your purchases.

Public Benefit Company

Public Benefit Company

We are founded as a Public Benefit Limited Liability Company. What does that mean? Aside from being the savior of capitalism, a public benefit company means that we are committed to going beyond the singular goal of profit maximization—we exist to have a positive impact on society and the environment.   

But we’re not stopping at the formation of our company. We are actively pursuing B Corp Certification, joining a group of progressive organizations committed to serving stakeholders—customers, employees, suppliers, the community, the environment, and our shareholders—in all our business decisions. Becoming a Certified B Corp is a process that requires transparency and authenticity, and we look forward to having B Corp Lab verify and certify our impact. 

1% for the planet member

1% for the Planet

Many organizations talk about giving back to their communities, but our agreement with 1% for the Planet holds us accountable. Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, we have committed to giving away at least 1% of our revenues to further our mission—saving the bees.

Through this relationship, we have chosen to partner with The Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to establishing high quality pollinator habitat to ensure bee populations thrive.


Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral

Climate change goes hand in hand with habitat destruction as a primary cause of bee decline. That’s why Project Hive is operating as a climate-neutral organization and working towards Climate Neutral Certification.  

What does that mean? Carbon neutral means that we’ve addressed every aspect of our business that emits greenhouse gases through 3 main steps: 

  1. Measure. First, we make sure to measure how much carbon is emitted. Even with sustainably-sourced products, it’s inevitable that we release carbon emissions from production to your home.  
  2. Reduce. We use our measurements to constantly find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint—such as sourcing local materials, using less packaging, or more utilizing efficient transportation.  
  3. Off-set.  Finally, we invest in 3rd-party-verified carbon offset projects. Organized by non-profits, these projects are designed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

As Project Hive grows, we can simultaneously improve the sustainability of our business model, invest more in carbon sequestration projects, and support the livelihood of bees!  

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

All of our products are made in the United States. Why is that more sustainable? Three reasons:

  1. Made in the USA products help support local manufacturing jobs that contribute to our nation’s economic well-being.
  2. We avoid shipping (and traveling) overseas, which reduces our company’s overall carbon footprint.
  3. Regulations in the U.S. help protect consumers from harmful substances—so you can trust that products are safe for your pup and for our environment.
Product Quality

Product Quality

High quality products are key to being more sustainable.


  1. Durable. Our toys are built to last, reducing the single-use / multiple-use items that contribute to waste.
  2. Healthy. Our toys are BPA-free, latex-free, phthalate-free, and non-toxic—and they don’t smell when they come out of the box!
  3. Recyclable. If our toys do reach the end of their life (please share videos with us of what your dog did to them!), they are #7 recyclable. Please check with your local municipality to see if they collect #7 plastics. 


  1. All of our treats are Non-GMO Project Verified. The Non-GMO Project Verified seal is the industry standard, assuring that our pet treats do not contain genetically modified organisms.
  2. All of our treats are vegetarian, reducing our reliance on farm animals and the associated negative effects on greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Our products are made with organic honey—supporting the organic honeybee industry, which is healthier for bees and for our environment. It’s also healthier for your dog: organic honey is produced from the pollen of organic wildflowers, meaning they are free from chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
  4. Our treats contain no artificial colors or flavors and are naturally preserved, reducing our reliance on unhealthy synthetic chemicals. 


  1. The most sustainable packaging is no packaging. Our toy packaging is non-existent if you purchase directly from our website.
  2. For retailers, we have minimized the toy packaging to be as sustainable as possible, including printing on FSC paper. FSC is a third-party certification that ensures the paper is sourced from a sustainably-managed forest. It is also recyclable.