Sustainability | Climate Neutral

Climate change goes hand in hand with habitat destruction as a primary cause of bee decline. That’s why Project Hive is operating as a climate-neutral organization and working towards Climate Neutral Certification.  

What does that mean? Carbon neutral means that we’ve addressed every aspect of our business that emits greenhouse gases through 3 main steps: 

  1. Measure. First, we make sure to measure how much carbon is emitted. Even with sustainably-sourced products, it’s inevitable that we release carbon emissions from production to your home.  
  2. Reduce. We use our measurements to constantly find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint—such as sourcing local materials, using less packaging, or more utilizing efficient transportation.  
  3. Off-set.  Finally, we invest in 3rd-party-verified carbon offset projects. Organized by non-profits, these projects are designed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

As Project Hive grows, we can simultaneously improve the sustainability of our business model, invest more in carbon sequestration projects, and support the livelihood of bees!