Ultimate Kit for Small Dogs


Don’t know how to choose? Treat your dog (and yourself) to an assortment of HIVE toys and treats that will keep your smaller dog happily engaged for hours!

Designed for compatibility, our HIVE Chew Sticks for Small Dogs fit inside the cavities of the HIVE Chew Toy and Fetch Stick—just insert for extended play! Made in the USA, our toys are bouncy, multifunctional, durable, and FUN! Their bright yellow color makes them easy to find—indoors, on land, or floating in the water.

Our treats are manufactured in the U.S. using the earth’s best ingredients. Non-GMO Project Verified, our treats have an irresistible peanut taste that dogs love. And they are kissed with organic honey for a touch of sweetness from our worker bee friends—whom you are helping save with your purchase!


  • HIVE Chew Toy for Small Dogs
  • HIVE Fetch Stick
  • HIVE Disc / Soothing Lick Mat
  • HIVE Ball


  • HIVE Chew Stick for Small Dogs
  • HIVE Chew for Small Dogs
  • HIVE Training Treats

Woof-Worthy™ Toys and Treats

Erratic Bounce

The erratic bounce keeps your dog guessing and makes fetch so much more fun!


This toy floats in water so it’s perfect for dogs that enjoy fetching and retrieving in pools, lakes or anywhere!

Insert Treats

Insert Hive Chew Sticks for Small Dogs into the Hive Chew Toy to extend playtime!

Each purchase makes a difference

Your purchase of Project Hive Pet Company’s products helps save bees by planting wildflowers—restoring vital habitat for the declining bee population.

What our customers are saying

Carlos N.

Amazingly well-designed toys and treats that work together—they keep my dog busy for a super long time! And I really love the bright yellow color!

Megan W.

I’m a dog walker, and the dogs love ALL the toys. I will need to put in more orders ASAP!

Mark F.

My puppy loves his erratic bouncing ball! It’s his favorite toy, and the quality is excellent. We will be buying more toys and treats from Project HIVE Pet Company!

mouthfuls of food exists because of bee pollination.


species of bees in the U.S. are at risk due to declining wildflower habitat.

save the bees

Your purchase helps establish healthy wildflower habitat.

dog illustration

Let's make our planet thrive—one happy dog and countless bees at a time.